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Sheree (Scaree) Allen and Ellen (EllieBatt) Thompson are two amazingly creative and charismatic Ladies who want to show you the local color, share great art and music, create through their collective psychosis... and direct you toward all the things your Mother warned you about - especially Rock 'n' Roll!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 2011 Horror Hootenanny in Nashville...

This year's Horror Hootenanny was a total rockin' SUCCESS!!!

Our hats off to Dr. Gangrene and all the amazing bands (The Creeping Cruds, Alucard, Coffin Bangers, Spookhand, and headliner Dead Dick Hammer) who made this year's Hoot the bloodiest best ever.
Your (G)hostess, EllieBatt!
A full write up and photos will follow in the days to come... for now, we must return to the Crypt and slave away at a few other projects we have in the works. But for now, we tease you and leave you with a few tasty photos to nibble on!
Scaree poses with a truly scary Zombie!
The lovely and talented purveyor of Evil Pumpkins, Tanya Roid Coffinberry!
(Jeano Roid Coffinberry looms in the background)
Zombie Mark and GhoulEllie
Dr. Gangrene and Little Bloody Dead Bo Peep